Who We Are?

Meta Minor is among the world’s rare education providers who straddle the entire education and learning value-chain, integrating interests of the education seekers. With more than three decades of rich experience in connecting learners, educators and facilitators across continents, our business philosophy, our solution approaches, and our knowledge repository on education systems places Meta Minor in an unassailable global leadership position as an enabler of education, learning and skill-building towards the core concepts of Data Science.

Our Mission

What we are not, first. No, we’re not a traditional Edtech company engaged in online delivery of courses. We are way more than all of this. Our courses are designed to build a strong foundation, with a focus in Data Science for K 12 students, providing a complete solution to students to learn at their own pace and also interact with teachers. We think, design, innovate and build rigorous, creative and complete solutions for educators and education seekers around the world, that tunnel through the challenges, barriers and impediments of time, space, affordability and diversity of backgrounds, capabilities, standards and regulations.Indeed, all our solutions have a strong element of global collaboration.

Our Vision

Meta Minor is the pioneer of the Education paradigm. Leveraging the energies of technology and globalisation, Meta Minor linked up all education, learning, research and industry stakeholders together, creating a powerful set of common objectives, and driving Meta Minor solutions, products and services to understand and learn the core concepts of Data Science. Data is everywhere and everyone analyse the Data! Maybe by traditional approach or by using analtyical skills. Be it marketing, Government jobs, consumer goods, service industries or education (Science/Arts/Business/Engineering). Meta Minor connect a wide array of learners and education seekers across continents with an equally wide range of global educators, empowering all for overcoming the conventional barriers to accessing high-quality education to learn Data Science.

Why Meta Minor?

Global Repute

Eminent Faculty with Proven Outputs

Advanced Training at Nominal Quote

Exceptional Learning Culture

Study Anytime, Anywhere, Any Place

Multiple Options for Study Material

Our Curriculum Heads

Eminent Faculty with Proven Outputs

Piyush Kulshreshtha

IIT Mumbai- India

Sofía Dieguez

McGill University- Canada

Kshitiz Sharma

IIT Guwahati- India